Customer Testimonials

"Hey, folks!
I just wanted to thank you for providing the BEST device for cleaning weirs. I can't tell you how many times I've seen the Weir Wolf in action ..... all over the country! It's the one thing that does the job it's supposed to do!!"

-John Esler, President; Clarifiers.com; Enfield, NH

"I preach physical observations. Foam, odors, sounds, etc. One of the main observations is the clarifier sludge blanket depth  throughout the day, but the most simple clarifier observation is the weir characteristics.  Plugged weirs cause flow pattern changes that affect the ability of the clarifier to clarify. If currents develop due to plugged weirs, the entire clarifier becomes upset and the potential for solids carryover is greatly increased. Clean weirs!! Clean weirs, blanket observations, and lower return sludge flow rates are the bases of optimal clarifier operation."

-Ronald Schuyler, Wastewater Process Specialist and Principal; COWAC; Fort Lupton, CO