Weir-Wolf™ Features


Features of the Weir-Wolf™ Include:

-Use of 304 or 316 Stainless Steel components for all applications regardless of corrosion issues, temperatures or environments. The very sturdy and corrosion resistant automated weir cleaner has been installed under domes and oceanfront plants with highly corrosive applications, in extremely high temperature industrial clarifiers, at sites with heavy snowfalls on open clarifiers or in heavy solids thickeners.

-All brush arms are spring loaded to ensure a thorough cleaning of all effluent surfaces; no matter how irregular or "out of round" those surfaces may be.

-Individual Brushes are designed to make physical contact with all surfaces to be cleaned, even those surfaces under water. Because the brushes make physical contact with the surface, the cleaning capability is better than that of a hose or spray.

-Includes a 5 year Warranty on parts and 1 year Warranty on labor with the exception of the brushes.

-Brush life is designed to average 1 year with 24 hour / 7 day a week use. Brushes are specifically designed for Wastewater applications and UV resistance. Ford Hall uses 4 different brushes of differing materials to accommodate the individual clarifier/ thickener materials and the surface area that they are cleaning. Replacement brushes are recommended to be purchased from Ford Hall for these reasons.

-Enhanced Lock in/ Lock out design for customized cleanings; allowing for 24 hour / 7 day a week cleaning or intermittent cleaning based on customer need or application.

-Use of existing clarifier/ thickener drives; requires no additional power source or electricity. Attaches directly to the skimmer arm. The system does not adversely affect the drive of the clarifiers and thickeners and has a negligible increase in energy consumption but provides the added benefit of weir cleaning. 

-It works in ALL climates. Ford Hall has installed on open clarifiers in hot applications such as Phoenix, AZ; Tucson, AZ; Las Vegas, NV and Mojave, CA. Ford Hall has also installed in cold applications like Detroit, MI; Eagle, NB; Amherst, NY and Pickering, ONT Canada. The system has been installed in highly corrosive environments under domes and industrial applications.