Existing Customer FAQ

What is the life of the brushes?

There are many variables that affect the life of the brushes for the systems. Frequency of use, diameter of the clarifier, linear feet the brushes travel, speed of skimmer revolutions, spring tension and roughness of the surface to be cleaned, and proper O&M maintenance by plant all affect the life of the brushes. Ford Hall brushes average a 12 month (1 year) life with 24 hour per day / 7 day a week continuous use. However, the system has the ability to be "locked in" and "locked out"; thereby, allowing our customers intermittent cleaning and even longer brush life. 

Why have the "lock in and lock out ability" on the system?

Some customers are concerned with addressing safety issues or wasted man hours associated with manual cleaning of the weirs, baffle and launders but other customers are concerned with sampling, BNR readings, other equipment after the clarifiers and appearances of the tanks. With this in mind, a customer concerned about safety or man hours can lock out the brush system from time to time. While those concerned about TSS, sampling, BNR readings, UV systems, screens or filters after the clarifiers and appearances can engage their systems for 24 hour per day / 7 day a week cleaning.

What about torque and amp issues on the clarifier arm caused by the system?

Testing of the system on clarifiers shows no noticeable increase in the torque of the clarifier drive motor. The amp reading maintained a constant measurement with and without the system.

How is the system powered? Will it add to my monthly expenditures?

The  system is attached to the skimmer arms of clarifiers, either as a retrofit or as part of a new / rehabbed clarifier project.

With no measurable amperage increase detected with the installation of the system, in many parts of the US, the system is considered a "green technology". The system takes advantage of the skimmer as it travels around the clarifiers with negligible increase in energy consumption and has no effect on the clarifiers drive motors.

If a unit jams or hangs up, what kind of safety precaution does the system have? 

While hang ups are extremely rare, the system has added a Shear Safety component installed in each brush holder which will allow the brush holder to break free instead of catching. This will eliminate further damage to the Weir Cleaning system, the skimmer arm or the clarifier drive.

What affect does winter have on the operation of the system?

Cold conditions do not have an adverse effect on the systems. This is not the case with Automated Spray Systems which use water and cannot be used in colder climates or in the winter months. However, in extreme icing, the brush system should be locked out.

How much does a set of replacement brushes cost?

A price for a set of brushes varies between $250 to $500.00 PER SET. (A set usually consist of 13 to 15 brushes). Brush cost is based on total linear inches of brushes.

We currently have 4 brushes that are made of 2 different materials that are UV resistant and Wastewater approved. Each is color coordinated to allow for easy distinction based on materials and bristle diameter: Ravenous Red, Attach Black, Bolder Brown and Mean Green. Brush specifications are available from the Ford Hall office.