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The Scum-Bum is a stationary anti rotational scum baffle designed to improve the skimmer arm's collection of surface foam, debris and other floatables on circular clarifiers. The Scum-Bum working with the surface skimmer of the clarifier, can improve collection of debris by as much as 75% to 85% over that of a traditional skimmer mechanism. Each Scum-Bum is custom-designed for the individual clarifier in question. Each Scum-Bum System varies from tank to tank. The Scum-Bum is the Ford Hall Company's answer to the costly ducking skimmer arm which makes the clarifier incompatible for an automated Weir and Launder Cleaning system.

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Scum Pup - Influent Launder Skimmer

The Scum-Pup is an automated Influent Launder Cleaning device which attaches to the Skimmer Arm much like the Ford Hall Company's Weir-Wolf system. It is particularly useful in Varying Launder configurations. Please click here to request more information on the Scum-Pup.

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Weir-Wolf Preventative Maintenance Program

Your Weir-Wolf system was designed to clean algae and debris from your clarifiers & thickeners. As with all equipment (from cars to air conditioners), it requires typical maintenance to keep it working at peak efficiency & looking good.

Advantages of Annual Preventative Maintenance Program (PMP)

Put our years of experience in troubleshooting, repairing and upgrading to work for you! Please contact FHC for a quote for Preventative Maintenance Program agreement. Please click here for a PMP quote.

Weir-Wolf Service Visit Quote

If your site does not wish an Annual Preventative Maintenance Program, a one time Service Visit can be offered. Any repairs or re-hanging of Weir-Wolf Algae Sweeps (due to clarifier/ thickener repairs or upgrades)will be charged at a time and materials fee. Please click here for a Service Quote.