Benefits of the Weir-Wolf automated weir cleaning system:

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The Weir-Wolf system eliminates confined space entry. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has defined clarifiers/ thickeners as confined spaces and fall under confined spaces standard (29 CFR 1910.146). OSHA definition of confined is a space that is not designed for continuous occupancy and is large enough to enter and work in but has limited or restricted entry or exit (i.e. you must stoop, use a ladder or crawl). Clarifiers, settling tanks, thickeners, manholes, sewers, large sump pits are included in OSHA's definition of a confined space.

The Weir-Wolf system helps address Total Suspended Solids (TSS) issues. With 24 hour a day cleaning, the solid sample readings will be even and eliminate the "spikes" or "peaks" associated with solids from the daily or weekly cleanings. Also, debris accumulations will eventually "sluff off" and these accumulations can also affect the sample readings. With continual cleanings by the automated weir cleaning systems, these accumulations are no longer an issue.

The Weir-Wolf system improves clarifier efficiency. Solid accumulations on the weirs can create "dead spots" in clarifiers, cause unequaled flows and reduce clarifier performance. All reduce the clarifier's efficiency.

The Weir-Wolf system assists UV and chlorination disinfection systems; reduces UV cleaning. Accumulated algae and debris from the clarifiers will naturally slough off or break free during weekly or daily clarifier cleanings. This debris will "wrap itself around" the UV lamps; therefore causing the UV system to be less efficient and require the weekly cleaning of the lamps. The same principle is true for chlorination. Large chucks of algae and debris cannot effectively be penetrated, treated and result in poor performance. 24 hour per day, 7 day a week brushing of the Weir-Wolf Algae Sweep system can keep debris particles small enough that UV and Chlorination systems can work at peak efficiency. Please reference our UV Testimonials.

The Weir-Wolf system reduces write ups and fines by DEQ or EPA plant visits. "Clean weirs" is one of the items on many of the DEQ or EPA check list for both clarifiers and thickeners. Build up of debris or algae on the weirs will affect all the items listed above, and therefore, is an item checked by visiting officials.

The Weir-Wolf system eliminates the need for manual cleaning of the clarifier and thickener weirs. Anyone with clarifiers or thickeners will attest that these tanks need cleaning. The Water Environment Federation recommends DAILY cleaning of the weirs as part of their Maintenance Checklist for Clarifiers. Manual cleaning of clarifiers and thickeners is unsafe, requires confined space entry and is labor intensive. With Automated Clarifier Cleaning, operator safety is assured, confined space issues are addressed and man hours are freed up for better use of certified operator's time. Additionally, the Weir-Wolf offers a brush physically making contact with all your effluent surfaces 7 days a week, cleaning at a very effective price.